This is a Kobe Art original large canvas, textured acrylic painting which measures 36 x 36".  This original painting carries a purchase price with included insured delivery of $1,000. 


This lucious painting of sugar-coated appearing grapes measures 36 x 48" and carries a purchase price of $1,000.  All of Kobe Art's original paintings require no frame -- each canvas is painted around behind the canvas frame, so the outer edges reveal painted image to the wall.  If interested, place your order at


This textured Harmony Symbol Painting measures 36 x 48" and requires no frame, as all paintings by Kobe Art.  The purchase price for this painting is $700.  If interested, send an email to



This is a sample vineyard painting which measures 60 x 48".  It is highly textured and if interested, a similar design will be created for you by Kobe Art.  The purchase price for a vineyard-themed, textured acrylic canvas work is $1,800.  Please allow up to four weeks for production and delivery.  If interested in having a vineyard work created for your home or office or as a gift, send an email to for further details.


This whimsical hot air balloon field painting measures 24 x 48" and can be used as a sample to create an original painting per your order.  If you would like to have personalized messages on the balloons, Kobe Art will paint it that way!  The purchase price for a custom-messaged painting is only $1,000, delivered.  Please allow up to four weeks for production and delivery of your personalized painting!  Send your order inquiry to



This realistic oil painting of a policewoman measures 36 x 48" and was painted by award-winning artist, Joel Kobe.  Purchase price for this is $1,250.  To order this painting for delivery within seven days, send an email to

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