Reversible receiving blanket with beach print reverses to bright orange, soft brushed flannel. This blanket is 100% cotton, machine wash on delicate cycle in cold water with tumble dry low heat. Approximately 34x40 inches. Price is $40 with delivery within seven days or receiving payment.  Let Kobe Art One-of-a-Kind Creative Fabs by Nan create a receiving blanket for remembered gifts.  Send inquiry to


This reversible cotton chenille to brushed flannel blanket will help your little one count those sheep to sleep. The price for similar blanket varies from $60 for cradle size to $90 for larger, crib size. These designer pieces are all 100% cotton, machine wash on del cycle and tumble dry on low heat for minimal shrinkage and lit control. Please send an email to for a free estimate and further details with photo of sample available fabrics.


Designer nursery pillows are made-to-order as one-of-kind gifts for your special little one. Prices vary from $15 to $90, depending on size, shape and fabric choice. Please send your inquiry to


Designer crib bedding is a specialty for Kobe Art. Please just email your desired theme, colors and measurements to and our deisnger will email a free estimate with fabric sample photos.


Custom-made blanket and pillow nap sets make a wonderfully unique gift at your next baby shower! Let Kobe Art, One-of-a-Kind Creative Fabs by Nan design your gift around the new baby's nursery theme. Set prices range in price from $100-$400 and consist of three (pillow, throw and flannel-cotton print receiving blanket) or four pieces which includes the fourth piece as a reversible receiving blanket of flannel to poly-satin. Please send your inquiry to


This ruffled corduroy throw reverses to the softest cotton print. Similar ruffled blankets are made for $90 to $120, depending on the desired fabrics. You can get a free estimate with sample fabric photos via emailing


Designer cotton chenille with reverse to flannel blankets make the softest surroundings for your baby or toddler. Kobe Art also used hand-dyed cotton chenille fabrics to create the most unique blankets. Price range for chenille-to-flannel blankets is from $60 for cradle size to $90 for approximately 34x42" larger crib size. Please send your email for a free estimate to


This has been one of Kobe Art's most popular ruffled throws. Quantities are limited in this reversible, 100% cotton throw. The softest pink chenille makes the best cover for chilly mornings and cold nights. Due to limited quantities, the price for this exact throw is $140. The final measurements are approximately 36 x 45". Symmetry and measurements vary as each Kobe Art Creation is one-of-a-kind. Send inquiry to


Western cowpoke print reverses to the softest brushed blue denim and makes this ruffled throw stand out at the rodeo! Made from 100% cotton and measures approximately 36x44". The price for this ruffled throw is $100. Please email inquiries to .


Let Kobe Art dress your favorite little girl in a sweet, ruffly gown made from 100% cotton flannel. These gowns are not made from flannel treated with any flame retardant. Little girls love to feel the warmth on these custom-made gowns. They make wonderful winter gifts and are made in sizes 3T to 14 teen and prices vary from $75 to $100, depending on size and flannel print choice. Please send an email to for free estimate and sample fabrics.

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